Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who's using your JIRA?

Sometimes it's interesting to see who is actually using a JIRA instance. The Participants field in the JIRA Toolkit is a custom field that shows the issues that you've reported, are assigned to, or have commented on. The useful thing is that you can create an Issue Statistics gadget to summarise the participants by user name.
  1. Create a filter to select the issues to be examined. This could be all issues, or just a few select projects
  2. Create an Issue Statistics gadget on a dashboard
  3. Select the Participants field for Statistic Type
  4. Select Total for Sort By
  5. Select Descending for Sort Direction
  6. Select Yes for Show Resolved Issue Statistics
  7. Select Never for Refresh Interval
You should get a list of users as in the screenshot below.

Last year I posted a summary of who had reported issues with JIRA using only the Reporters field. This time I looked at who were the participants in JIRA issues in the past year. As expected most participants in JIRA issues work for Atlassian. Neal Applebaum and Sergiy Lizenko (ILS-Ukraine) are still the most active and I still come in a distant third. Greg Brauer of DreamWorks is the newest user in the list.

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