Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's a "metatracker"?

There's an updated Python document about how the Python development team should triage issues. While every team does this differently, it's interesting to compare concepts in another system to the same ideas in JIRA. There's also a reference to a "meta tracker", defined as "the tracker about the issue tracker". I suppose the canonical example of a meta tracker is the Atlassian JIRA instance at

It's a useful word for me because I often end up having to create a JIRA project or component for clients for tracking the changes they want to make to JIRA. Now I can refer to it as the metatracker and say things like "the tracker is the meta tracker". Just not with a straight face.


p.s. The technical review work on the upcoming JIRA book is proceeding nicely, but I've heard no news on a release date yet.