Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JIRA View Screen and Tabs

JIRA continues to surprise me after all these years. I was in the middle of a customer demo and added a new field to  a screen. Then I went one step further and moved it to a new tab. The field stubbornly remained where it had been and no new tab appeared. "What's that all about?" I thought. It turns out that it's documented behavior:

  • Fields of type 'Date' can only be displayed in the 'Dates' area of the screen, even if they are custom fields.
  • System fields on the default 'View Issue' screen (e.g. Summary, Security Level, Issue Type, etc.) are fixed and cannot be moved onto a separate tab. However, any other custom fields (excet 'Date' fields) that have been added to the 'View Issue' screen can be moved onto a separate tab. This restriction only applies to the screen associated with the 'View Issue' operation, i.e. system fields can be moved onto other tabs for screens associated with operations such as 'Create Issue', 'Edit Issue', etc.