Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Signs that a new version of JIRA is imminent

Atlassian is a more open company than most and they're also smart enough not to provide release dates and then have to change them later on. Atlassian partners usually get a week's notice that the next release is coming up, but I have my own set of signs. Once all these have happened, the next JIRA release is imminent.

  • Cut and paste text appears from Atlassian PM in a few issues with lots of votes,  explaining why each issue is not going to be fixed in the near future.
  • A larger number of other issues were recently resolved (use the Resolution Time chart with a filter for the next version)
  • The most reliable indicator seems to be when the upgrade documentation changes.

Based on these inputs, I expect to see JIRA 4.2 before the end of this month, certainly before AtlasCamp in mid-October when some of the key JIRA developers might be out of the office for a few days.



  1. Clever reading of the tea-leaves, Matt!

  2. That's the problem with tea-leaves - I got the date right but the release wrong. JIRA 4.2 Beta3 was announced today, but not the final release.