Saturday, February 18, 2012

JIRA Administration Scaling

The table above is from a slide in Atlassian CEO Scott Farquhar's presentation about the upcoming JIRA 5 Release. It shows some details about how organizations use JIRA, and agrees with what I see at CustomWare's clients.

1087 projects, 1231 custom fields, 361 workflows - so how do their JIRA administrators manage all that?
There's the Hundred Tab Problem to deal with, where changing a scheme has to be done through the UI for each project in turn. And then there's the bigger problem of not being able to see how schemes differ.

I think the answer is that they must have their JIRA configuration thoroughly documented and always make the changes in a staging server first.

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  1. good thinking, this is currently my headache at work. I have lately been involved in the scaling of Jira within a large organisation. The usage is no big hurdle, it takes a few hours to get a team up and running with daily business. Work with the project lead a few hours more and the project configuration is solved (and maintained).
    Jira configuration with workflows, issue types and project specific needs is a struggle.
    Do you have any hands on recommendations, tools to use, ways to solve? One very nice matrix I am developing is a configuration matrix, which changes in the configuration of Jira is global, specific to a subscribed workflow or project specific. Any hints on that would be much apprechiated.