Thursday, March 3, 2011

More JIRA book news

The breaking news is that I just signed an agreement with O'Reilly to produce another book. The working title is "Practical JIRA Development" and the scope is JIRA administration and plugin development, just like this blog.

It's part of O'Reilly's push towards realtime publishing so it will be sweet and short. As Mike Loukides noted:

"We're looking for manuscripts that are roughly 30-70 print pages long"

The book will be written in DocBook and committed to a repository with automated builds of the book. Nice and agile!


  1. Hallo Matt

    Wow, that's awesome! Good luck with the book and let us know when it's out.

    DocBook, heh. Have you thought of writing it in Confluence and exporting to DocBook using the Scroll Wiki Exporter plugin? :)


  2. Hi Matt,


    +1 on Sarahs suggestion (ok, I am biased... ;-)


  3. I considered it, but the fewer steps the better. The main thing for me is to use an editor I know from as many tools as possible. The source format has less effect on productivity.